In Memoriam - Greg Kaser

Comrade Greg Kaser was a contributor to The Socialist Correspondent over many years writing on a wide range of topics, including climate change, British and European politics, economics and defence. He spoke on the Green New Deal at our last conference in 2019 when we were still able to physically meet together. There he outlined the failure of neo-liberalism and market-based approaches to tackling climate change and the challenges which will need to be confronted to achieve a just transition to a net zero carbon emitting economy. He emphasised the importance of economic planning to achieve the goals of the Green New Deal.

He had a keen interest in developments in the former Soviet Union and the negative effects of the restoration of capitalism on the people and the economy.

Greg was a renowned energy economist working in the field of nuclear power. His unassuming manner bellied his depth of reading, knowledge and expertise in so many areas.

A committed socialist, Greg was involved in campaigning over the years for a range of causes. He worked for a time for the Coalfield Communities Campaign, trying to bring life back into ex-mining communities devastated by the closure of the pits after the defeat by Thatcher of the miners in 1985. Latterly he was active in the Labour Party.

Greg died of Covid in January this year. His comradeship and contribution to The Socialist Correspondent will be greatly missed.