Conference - Capitalism, imperialism and the struggle for socialism in Britain


November 11th 2017 10.00 - 17.30. University of London Union, 6 Malet St, London WC1E 7HY

Hear top speakers on global crisis and war, the situation here in Britain and the prospects for progressive change.

Noah Tucker, Labour councillor for St. Ann’s in Haringey will speak in a personal capacity on the current crisis of the Tory Government and the prospects for Labour and socialist advance.

Pablo Navarrete, Journalist and documentary filmmaker has just returned from observing the regional elections in Venezuela where the left scored convincing victories.

Salim Alam, Palestine Solidarity Campaign will speak in a personal capacity on the Middle East and Palestine.

Simon Korner, writes for The Socialist Correspondent. He will unpick the truth and lies round the threat of war in Korea.

Frieda Park, writes for The Socialist Correspondent. She will consider the tensions and conflicts between capitalist powers and the state of the world today.

£10 unwaged £20 waged. Pay on door or through donations on website



10.00               Registration

10.30               Capitalism’s World: division, war and exploitation:  

                         Chair: Pat Turnbull

                        Speakers: Frieda Park & Simon Korner from The Socialist Correspondent

11.45               Break

12.00               Middle East & Palestine: Salim Alam. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (in a personal capacity.) 

12 45               Venezuela: Pablo Navarrete. British-Chilean journalist and documentary filmmaker; founder and editor of , and co-editor of  Alborada Magazine. Just returned from observing elections in Venezuela.

13.30               Lunch

14.30               Britain: Tory crisis, opportunities and challenges for Labour and the left: Chair Brian Durrans


                        Noah Tucker Labour Councillor, St Ann’s Ward Haringey (in a personal capacity)

                       Brexit and the left - round table discussion 

15.45               Break

16.00               Britain discussion continues including: A Labour Government: what then?

17 15               Review

17.30               Close