The Socialist Correspondent exposes capitalism and promotes socialism. Supporters of capitalism said that the end of the Cold War would mean peace and growing prosperity but the opposite has happened. The world is now a much more dangerous place since the defeat of the Soviet Union, leaving the US and other capitalist countries relatively free to exert their power. Following western wars of aggression, regime change and the so-called ‘War on Terror’ there has been an increase in instability, terrorism, human migration, hunger and poverty. The economic crash was a result of Bankers' greed and now a decade later nothing has changed. Working people were made to pay for the crash and are now worse off - capitalism intends to keep making them pay.

The mainstream capitalist media do everything to hide the truth about history and current events. They claim to be impartial reporters but the view of the world they present is always in the interests of their paymasters. The Socialist Correspondent attempts to get to the truth behind events. Using Marxist principles, it shines a light on those responsible for war, terrorism and exploitation and reports and analyses the struggles of working people across the globe. The Socialist Correspondent is partisan. It unashamedly supports those fighting for peace, justice and socialism.    

Latest Articles

USA v China and the New Cold War
You are invited to join the Socialist Correspondent analysis and discussion meeting: USA vs China, and the New Cold War Amid escalating rhetoric about ‘human rights’ and ‘national security’, China is now being cast, alongside Russia, as an enemy of the West. • What are the real factors underlying this fracture? • Is this the end of the current model of globalisation? • Are the attacks on Huawei and TikTok steps on a path towards military conflict?
Covid-19 and the sickness of capitalism
The coronavirus pandemic has once again demonstrated the clash between capitalism's priority of safeguarding profits over peoples lives. But it has also revealed the deeper problem that working class people's lives were already precarious before the virus struck. We are not in this together.
Coronavirus - Cuba and China take a lead
China was where the coronavirus outbreak originated, bit also where there was an effective response, bringing it under control. China has offered what it has learned about the virus along side practical support to other countries and Cuba too continues its tradition of health care solidarity with others. This contrasts sharply with the response of the United States which has tightened sanctions not only on Cuba, but on Venezuela and Iran.

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