The Socialist Correspondent exposes capitalism and promotes socialism. Supporters of capitalism said that the end of the Cold War would mean peace and growing prosperity but the opposite has happened. The world is now a much more dangerous place since the defeat of the Soviet Union, leaving the US and other capitalist countries relatively free to exert their power. Following western wars of aggression, regime change and the so-called ‘War on Terror’ there has been an increase in instability, terrorism, human migration, hunger and poverty. The economic crash was a result of Bankers' greed and now a decade later nothing has changed. Working people were made to pay for the crash and are now worse off - capitalism intends to keep making them pay.

The mainstream capitalist media do everything to hide the truth about history and current events. They claim to be impartial reporters but the view of the world they present is always in the interests of their paymasters. The Socialist Correspondent attempts to get to the truth behind events. Using Marxist principles, it shines a light on those responsible for war, terrorism and exploitation and reports and analyses the struggles of working people across the globe. The Socialist Correspondent is partisan. It unashamedly supports those fighting for peace, justice and socialism.    

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Brexit and capitalist rivalries
May has been forced out at last, unable to sell her unpopular Brexit deal to parliament. The two leadership contenders to replace her both promise to carry through on Brexit, yet that is not what the ruling class wants. While this saga drags on in Britain, the EU continues to get on with other business, mainly jockeying for the top jobs post the EU elections and dealing with its own internal conflicts.
Disunity in the European Union
The European Union is often portrayed as a harmonious, collaborative body but take a closer look and there are many disputes between member states and with other countries. in particular there are growing tensions with the United States over its tech war with China and spending on NATO.
The new scramble for Africa
The major powers are once again competing over Africa. Like the earlier Scramble for Africa between 1881 and 1914 – when the European imperialists divided up 90% of the continent between them – this is about gaining valuable resources and controlling them against rivals.

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